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Veneziana sexy Tights and Stockings

Presence of Sexiness

Your skin with the sexy lingerie you like, the admiration you want around your curves that washes away the unwanted sorrow and pain, sexy lingerie from Luxxa tends to every woman’s desire, the desire to have the comfort inside and out of the heart. Have all the sexy lingerie collection around those closet and cabinets. Have the lingerie that awaits you to feel sexy and confident. Every woman must know that sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage to dress up to your favorite sexy lingerie wear. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery to feel and see the difference of you wearing your confident lingerie set. Sexy lingerie promises you something great will come of it. So select your own selection of intimate apparels, the sexy lingerie that will change everything, sexy lingerie that will open up your personality into a better you.

Have the sexy lingerie set you want from Luxxa with bras covering your chest in full, half or capless style, panties bestowing you into chic and modern temptation that making your presence more sexy and stunning, surely saying bye bye to your granny panties, g-strings and thongs bringing smoking hot waist with comfort embracing your skin with unbelievable feeling of sexiness from its close to open base design, adjustable garter waist band, babydolls keeping your figure more heighten up to its next level, teddy and camisole giving stunning silhouette looks around those curves, curves driving your partner even crazier, gorgeous stockings, tights or leg warmers sheering your legs into one of kind stands, teasing your mind is just simply buying sexy lingerie is your way of filling up those empty holes of sexiness towards own self, the sexiness use to fill the security of love, strengthen up the relation, the string that connects you to your own.

           Have the lingerie and let not any single moments of intimacy pass by. Luxxa with give the moment you wanted for variety of sexy lingerie collection. Save money to purchase the sexy lingerie you feel your body need to have. the style you want simple or daring what important is you wear the sexy lingerie you want, the lingerie you need and the lingerie you think can best fit you personality. Go beyond the lingerie you usually wear becoming more seductive, more teasable and attractive it’s not necessary to be like a porn star what important is you satisfy your curiosity of having stunning fantasies and imagination, the dream that you can get to make you love  yourself even more. Sexy lingerie treasures your feminity to your own favorable condition. The undeniable self-esteem and grace, the happiness you feel delivering amazing satisfaction.

Veneziana Is Fully-Fashioned

 Veneziana took his creation in hand made elegant boxes designed as though he were delivering them to the King. Germain believed no matter what you do, you must always offer only the very best. He took pain staking pride in his creation and that has continued in tradition for nearly three centuries. Today the Massals give us classy haute couture hosiery designed for every woman to feel luxurious, sexy and alluring every day. Venziana is truly the last of the authentically fully Italian made manufacturers.
 Veneziana Veneziana tights Veneziana
Veneziana’S numerous inventions have been recognized all over the world as exquisite art work. Because it’s fully-fashioned it makes the leg look longer, thinner and sexier.
The Veneziana tights and stockings collections includes: a 100% high quality stocking, a silk stay up with a wide silicone lace top and silk knee-highs and socks.
Cervin has always produced the top of the line in silk stockings and tights with chic transparency that displays the most unique designs and seams effortlessly. Made with heart Veneziana has attracted performers, celebrities and designers all over the world . Experience the true class and elegance of the best in hosiery. Veneziana’S collection is pure bliss with an unforgettable European flare.
 tights paris tight Veneziana

How Do You Accentuate Your Curves? With the European Appeal of Veneziana Legwear

You’ve found the perfect little back cocktail dress with accessories to match, a hair style to show off your heart-shaped face and almond eyes and the sexiest heels in your closet. Every woman knows the best icing for a seductive, come-hither outfit is a pair of irresistible tights, or stockings – and Veneziana is the place to find that spicy something to finish off your look.

There are no places that offer anything compared to the luxurious selection of pantyhose, leggings, stockings, socks and more that you’ll find here. Each article is more fitting and silky on your skin than you can imagine – and what better way to show off those gorgeous legs you have? Our selection of tights and stockings speak volumes about the way you feel. Consider these articles of clothing a code language for telling you partner, “Yes, I’d like to spend some quality, intimate time with you.” In our experience, leg wear should leave onlookers with no other option but to give in to the entrancement.
Veneziana - Stockings - AR SWEDEN Stockings veneziana Veneziana tights Venziana stockings pantyhose
Stockings AR SWEDEN
Tights Veneziana VICKY
Stockings CALZE MARY
Tights Veneziana CAMILLE
For those women who are not so sure about the power of their feminine allure, Veneziana products are a sure-fire way to re-ignite your confidence as a sensual, desirable woman ready for a night on the town. The style of Veneziana’s stockings and other items flaunt an Italian fair, and aptly so since they are all made in Italy. And everyone knows that a dash of European style to any outfit lands you well ahead of the fashion game. Not only are European goods manufactured with the finest artisanship, but they add a look that most US manufacturers of such products simply cannot replicate in either quality or appearance.

Stock your closet with Veneziana tights, stockings and more, and you’ll find yourself with the freedom to customize your outfits with satin, fishnets, cotton and more. Every piece of leg wear will kindle your sense of sensuality - and you’ll find that same result no matter what body type you have. With so many different colors, patterns, material and comfort levels, you are certain to land several pieces to bring out that other side of your personality – you know, the wild, irresistible side. After trusting Veneziana to slip you into the ideal, perfect-fitting pair of tights, stockings or even leg warmers, your next mission will be to see how long those thigh-highs actually stay on!
 Veneziana LEOPARDO Jambiļæ½res Veneziana ZAK.ARABELLA Veneziana ANETTE Veneziana CALZE MADLENE
Leg-warmers ZAK.ARABELLA

Veneziana tights are made to fit flawlessly, and feel comfortable. You’ll find our stockings fit snugly, and grab onto your legs so there’s no shifting and you can say goodbye to multiple visits to the ladies room in the middle of a date to hitch up the tights so they stay shaped to your body at all times. (Unless they are peeled off, of course). No restricted movements, no over-clinging to your skin resulting in irritating rashes or itchiness which can eventually lead to ugly blemishes. And the best part: Veneziana’s highly fashionable products are more than reasonably priced. In fact you’ll practically feel as though you are being teased.

The variety of styles that Veneziana offers is astounding. Suggestive, satin, close-fitting tights will add sheerness to your figure that tones and highlights your skin to the point of fascination. Opt for a retro or vintage look, and you’re covered, too. Don’t need stockings? How about a pair of leg warmers or a garter? You and your legs are covered.

For starters, Veneziana presents a gorgeous collection of fashion trend-setting tights. A new and already popular item is our ALESSIA 60 line, meant to envelop your legs in a 60 denier embroidered pattern with a white tone finish on top of a delicious burgundy background. Nothing is sexier than nude, so have a peek at our VERONICA 12 variety, too: translucent tights with 12 denier opacity meant to add a subtle shimmer to your already beautiful thighs – just enough to taunt with tights, even if just for a bit.

 Garter Stockings Veneziana AR SIMONE Tights Veneziana BOLERO Stockings Veneziana CALZE NADIA

Many women nurse a deep affection for thigh highs, but they are not easy to come by. When a decent pair is found, they are usually susceptible to runs and rarely are they offered in varieties other than plain black white or nude, without any entrancing embellishment. Some women in the U.S. are not even familiar with the spell-bounding element that arises out of slipping into a pair of silky thigh high stockings, and it’s clear that Veneziana is here to school, as they carry a mind-blowing collection of such hosiery. From appealing black tone tights with 60 denier work, a generous lace trim on top and a garter slip for a stay-fit option to a stylish twist on the thigh high from their BELLE EPOQUE collection. Here you’ll fall in love with the CLARISSE 40-20 denier, a high quality tight that hugs your legs with a horizontal pattern making your legs look sleeker, thinner and overall most captivating.

In the way of leggings, guess what? Leggings don’t have to constitute a pair of worn, black cotton doo-dads that you reach for along with your favorite over-sized sweatshirt each time you make a trip to the market. How about adding a little pizazz to your look, even when you’re just running to the corner for a carton of milk? Each time you reach for a pair of leggings is a superb opportunity to show off your glamour. Start with our Panta GIULIETTA 20, long leggings adorned with a baroque-inspired design amidst a sexy cross pattern to emphasize your irresistible curves. Perhaps the most tempting pair of stockings of the Veneziana collection is the CALZE MADLENE 20 variety, elaborate stockings fashioned for a girdle, made of transparent lycra and beautified with a twining rose motif that starts at the ankles and blooms its way all the way up the back of the thigh. The result: charisma and an undeniable elegance.

Tights Tights stockings Tights and stockings

In recent years, leg warmers have made a comeback. But in the US, women really don’t know how to don these articles. Sure, they can be “cute” but they can also be worn as an element of sex appeal. Toss the knitted, bulky leg warmers and opt for a pair of lustrous warmers that supersede the school-girl look and turn it into a tantalizing addition to your wardrobe. You’ll find these irresistible leg warmers in a plethora of colors and designs including black, white and patterned varieties. And don’t worry – you’ll find warmers here that do more than just highlight your pretty legs, there are a handful made of acrylic and other thicker materials that help your legs stay warm and look gorgeous at the same time.

Next to the appeal of a high quality pair of stockings or tights, ankle socks have a hard lead to follow. But lo and behold, Veneziana manages to turn even a sock into something tantalizing. For starters, the MILANO variety, a sheer black sock embroidered with a sexy floral motif. Just a peek of these socks beneath the bottom of your favorite slacks is sure to arise some interest in what else hides under those slacks. For the same effect, check out the GIRASOE 20 collection. Choose from black, beige, cappuccino and panne, each adorned with a rococo motif.

When it comes to tights at Veneziana, you’ll find everything from simple and elegant pairs to those that fall on the racier end of the spectrum. Take the AMANDA set. Against an almost invisible sheer background, these seductive tights are elaborated with a crawling dragon motif that runs from the ankles to just above your knees – perhaps where your skirt may fall. Even more exotic and erotic is our BETTY line where the simple, black opaque material flaunts a floral design that wraps around only the top of the thigh – a little surprise for the partner who gets to look that far. Once again, you do not have to sacrifice appeal for comfort; these tights are best known for their shape and cut and the way they hug and accentuate your naturally striking curves.

Veneziana is your key to bringing your sex appeal up a notch without having to forego the element of comfort. In the US, many women feel like they are constantly lagging behind the exquisite, elegant look exclusive to European design. No more. Veneziana tights, stockings and other legwear puts you one step ahead of the game. To top off a perfect outfit, to throw in a pinch of desire and charm, or to try something new and launch a revamped appeal to your wardrobe, Veneziana has every thing you are looking for. You’re a beautiful, eye-catching woman with legs to prove it – why not show this off?



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