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Tips for smart-casual outfits with pantyhose

Are you a fan of pantyhose but don't know how to wear them? We show you some hacks to get amazing outfits with pieces that we all have in our wardrobe.
Elegant and Classy
An elegant look is a must for everyday life, whether it's for work, a meeting or simply to stand out with an authentic style. When we talk about incredible and elegant looks, the name of a garment comes to mind: Pantyhose!
Clearly we couldn't leave this wonderful piece behind, couldn't we? But not all pantyhose are good enough to get that elegant outfit you need for your work or studies, maybe that meeting where an elegant look would be the big difference.
We show you our selection of stylish pantyhose and how you can combine them with other garments:

Classic Pantyhose

Who hasn't worn this type of pantyhose before, they are a must have in every wardrobe! If you need an elegant outfit, they are the right ones to give you the style you are looking for. Besides, this type of pantyhose are perfect to stylize your legs and to wear with heels.

How to combine them?

Tube skirt in neutral tones.

Satin shirts in white or beige.

Formal low heels in red, white or black.


Clear translucent pantyhose

Translucent pantyhose with a more nude feel, as in the case of beige tones, are perfect for many occasions, and of course, they can't escape elegant outfits either, as these should be among our first choices.

Due to its lighter and more natural style, it can be part of any elegant outfit without being too formal, allowing for an in-between style.

How to combine them?

Use and abuse white to give it that clean, bright style.

Combine plain-coloured garments, avoid bright prints.

Shoes in neutral colours: white, beige or black.

Mesh pantyhose

We love grey! And combined with these mesh tights we think it's an amazing choice for an elegant day-to-day outfit. Grey is always part of our formal wear, but when we think of pantyhose we end up opting more for beige or black, forgetting this colour. Besides, these pantyhose are light, help to slim the legs and leave a soft feeling on the skin.

How to combine them?

Dresses in beige or white for a day outfit, in black for the evening.

Shiny black shoes, oxford or heels.

pantimedias en malla


A casual look is one that you love to wear every day because it reflects a more casual, romantic or daring style, it is the sum of your personality and style without many rules. And yes, pantyhose can be your key piece in this style, you don't have to think twice.

But, don't you know how to combine them in your day to day life without being strange or too formal? We'll tell you a little bit about how you can do it!


Pantyhose with designs

Mixing a plain pantyhose base, these are characteristic for their designs that make this garment even more interesting. Since their emergence, we can see as many styles of patterned pantyhose as there are pantyhose in the world. The creativity never stops. From dotted pantyhose, lace pantyhose, tabby pantyhose, even tattoo pantyhose, everything is possible! And clearly, it makes them a perfect garment for a unique style.

How to combine them?

Use one element that stands out from the rest, such as a splash of colour among black garments.

Avoid wearing too many highlights in one outfit.
15 Deniers   Veneziana Tights

Iconic for being linked to the style of the 80s, who wouldn't associate them with a rocker style? And that's why this garment has a casual and playful style.

How to combine them?

Leather jacket.


White shirts or white dress.

Tell us, which of these outfits would you wear?

Veneziana ; Wear sexy, Feel sexy!

Choose a style that you like from Veneziana and find the best fit for you!

Veneziana's sexy tights make women appear lithe and limber, highlighting their shapes. Our sexy tights have long been a symbol of femininity, serving as a wardrobe essential for many women. Veneziana has a wide selection of women's tights and hold-ups to complement your look.


Sexy legs – play Pee-ka-boo

Veneziana is an excellent choice for a sexy tight. Add this sensual accessory to your day-to-day looks for a functional pairing; expose an on-trend must-have with our stockings. Our extensive stocking collection includes a wide range of styles, opacities, colors, and details to add a personal touch to any outfit.

 Veneziana's collection is intended to meet the needs of every woman, from basic style for elegant appearance to fishnet or patterned for a modern look. Browse our fun patterns such as hearts, glitters, polka dots, cable knit, animal print, geometric print, and scripture prints, as well as a variety of neutral tones and bright colored tights.

“Always wear sexy attire. Others may not see it, but trust me, they feel it.”  -Lebo Grand

Fabric that you’ll love!

Browse our tights and hold-ups collection to find soft fabrics like our cotton, modal, and cashmere tights, which are ideal for winter. 


Sexy Romantic red Slim Rose Veneziana legs sexy Tights LEgs sexy classy veneziana

Maximum expression of a women's feminity – real elegance
Stockings have a very strong reputation because they are incredibly perfect for sex and boudoir. 
Veneziana tights Venziana hot Veneziana resille

Stockings are essential the first things we consider when designing an outfit that can be considered “sensual” for a happening evening g or a night out. However, in reality, many women wear this stuff more than this.

 Let’s explore a few of the reasons women wear stockings and sexy attires, or at least the reasons we've been told over the years:
1. Be seductive: No other piece of lingerie has had such an effect on the opposite sex for so long. There is no denying the stunning bodacious effect of stockings and suspenders.

2. Confidence: Sexy tights and stockings give confidence to every woman. It's easy to feel good about yourself when you know you have your best outfit.

3. Hygiene: These tights are breathable which makes them completely hygienic.

4. A traditional attire - In some countries, stockings are considered traditional clothing by some women. In Germany, for example, we have numerous customers who buy sets that are suitable for everyday wear. Likewise, we find that in the United Kingdom, stockings are often considered for an evening out. We also have many ladies of a certain age who wear tights simply because they always wear them. They found something they liked when they were younger, and decided to stick with it.

5. Classic look - With everything going on in fashion, we have many customers who especially love the classic look that seamless hold-up stockings give them.
6. Good Looking Legs - if you've never worn stockings before, you might be surprised at how beautiful your legs can be when wearing stockings. You can be specific in the look you want to achieve - from invisible but sleek to shiny and smooth - and even opaque.
High quality – Low cost

Although all our stockings are of the highest standard, you can see that they are much cheaper than the materials used – in this case, having this sexy stuff will save your a lot of money. 
Step into the world of women's fashion and discover our legwear and sensual stockings. Veneziana will provide you trendy women's clothing all year round!
At Veneziana, you can find almost any type of fabric. Purchase your favorite new tights and stockings online today!

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